Ancillary Info

Aftercare and Holiday Club

We offer an aftercare facility that runs from 12H30 to 17H00.

A structured holiday programme is provided during the school holidays.


Birth To Grade R

Our nursery provides an environment that is clean, safe and warm. Since love is an essential ingredient in a baby's life, we ensure that the baby and young toddler groups time spent away from home is comfortable and happy


Emergency / Ad hoc Care

There are times when you may unexpectedly need childcare – such as when your nanny or carer is suddenly unavailable for the day. For this reason, Emergency Care (Or Ad hoc Care) is also available for those times when you would need it the most.



A healthy food policy is followed by the school and to this end we request that parents provide a mid-morning snack box and a water bottle. Please do not include sweets, chips, sodas or junk food. Spill-proof bottles are highly recommended.


Extra Murals

A variety of extra murals are available for children to enjoy learning skills and sports outside of the curriculum. These are as follows:

  • Swimming
  • Action Ball
  • Soccer
  • Hip Hop Dance
  • Speech and Drama
  • Ballet
  • Build em Bricks
  • Computer Lessons
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